KIM Talk Radio

The KIM radio show invites you to practice truly living rather than merely existing!  It is about doing something now instead of all or nothing at some time.  With the premise that happiness is a choice and Love or Peace is who we are, we will look into breath work, physical and energetic movement, and meditation while enjoying a sense of humor about our “humanness.”   We will talk through different scenarios, both challenging and easy, and have guest appearances/cohosts to brainstorm and play with this kind of living.

To hear or download the weekly show go to and go to Kimberly’s Intentional Moment on the Seika Network!  You can also find links when you visit “Kimberly’s Intentional Moment” on Facebook.  Below is the e-mail address for any ideas and/or discussions that you would like to have or add.

Kimberly Kanouse M.A.Ed., R.Y.T. — The Yoga Lifestylist
(206) 251-1782 or