Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I grasp this opportunity to share my experience of Kimberly Kanouse with you.  Kimberly bounced into my life one evening in the spring of 2002 at the start of the first class of a series on the Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali.  She instantly locked onto the subject and onto me. She participated in all twelve classes and asked to become a personal student, pursuant to fulfilling the education requirements of the American Yoga Alliance.  Students with her level of commitment and intensity of inquiry are rare.  “No,” never crossed my mind.

Kimberly has been in close contact ever since as student, colleague, and friend.  The path of teaching well is enhanced by several qualities that Kimberly has in abundance. Naturally, we want teachers to be well-informed, but, perhaps more important, a fine teacher will be a life-long learner.  Kimberly is that. Sadly lacking in far too much of today’s environment is intellectual honesty. If Kimberly doesn’t know something, she will readily admit it… and then move a lot of energy to learn. Students in her asana classes can be confident that she will never bring them to harm. Finally, an excellent teacher will have a sense of humor, and humor’s companion, compassion. Kimberly has a well-deserved reputation for both.

Hyperbole? Not a bit! -Lovingly and respectfully submitted…Salvatore Zambito

“Kimberly is an excellent teacher that focuses her energy and helps you focus your own on becoming both sound in body and mind. Whenever I leave Kimberly’s class I feel physically and emotionally relaxed and ready to take on the world. Whenever I feel bogged down by stresses in life, a class with Kimberly is usually the cure. Her teaching style is laid back and although you may be in a class with other people it feels like a one-on-one instruction.” -Katie Humphries

“Kimberly and Get Sound are a perfect fit. Kimberly can have a class of beginning to advanced students even with special needs and everyone gets a good practice. She modifies the asana to the person and what they need today (it may be different tomorrow). The classes are small so that we all get personal attention. It is always a wonderful and fulfilling experience.” -GM

I have studied with Kimberly for well over a decade.  She is equipped with both her skill sets and demeanor to work with you in all areas of well-being.  She’s a treasure, and I will continue to work with her for years to come.  -Joy Wolff, Seattle, WA

Kimberly Kanouse M.A.Ed., R.Y.T. — The Yoga Lifestylist
(206) 251-1782


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